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2nd Annual Sega Dreamcast Championship & Crazy Taxi 2 Launch Party
Executive Producer on behalf of OBE
The Dreamcast Championship was the culmination of the Crazy Taxi gaming competition hosted on the Sega Mobile Assault Tour featured on the OzzFest summer concert tour. The top ten highest scorers were flown to San Francisco from around the country to compete for cash and prizes of $30,000. The Dreamcast Championships also showcased a live performance by national pop-punk band, MxPx, plus Sega gaming kiosks that featured the sneak preview of Crazy Taxi 2.
A powerful presence was created for event-goers, press and competitors. Sega garnered national press coverage that helped make Crazy Taxi II one of their highest selling releases in 2001. The event reinforced Sega’s position in the gaming market.


  • Negotiated, booked and managed national punk band MxPx, who weeks prior to the event played sold out dates in San Francisco
  • As Crazy Taxi 2 takes place in the Big Apple, created a New York City and taxi themed party to tie into the competition and the launch of the new game.  An authentic real “Crazy Taxi” car was parked in front of the venue with live actors portraying the Crazy Taxi game characters
  • Created the overall look of the event and transformed the venue into a NYC street scene, with warehouse façade attendees could graffiti on, NYC street signs and 3d building cut-outs with lighting to bring them to life, Crazy Taxi 2 table tents and a VIP room doling out New York delicacies…knish, hot dogs, gourmet Sicilian pizzas and churros!

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